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Andre Schuurmans Loan Officer

Andre Schuurmans
NMLS # 2140528
DRE # 02156607

Tennessee interest rates

We won't just get you a great rate, we will track rates for you and notify you when a better rate is available.

Tennessee Purchase Loan

Buying your home is an important decision. We'll be here to guide you and ensure no questions go unanswered.

Tennessee home refinance

Ask us about the financial benefits of refinancing your existing mortgage.

What We Do

Tennessee investment

A home isn’t just a place to live in, it can be an investment too. And, like all investments, there’s a right and wrong way to go about it. We’ll be here to help you choose the right financing.

Tennessee Purchase Loans  Andre Schuurmans mortgages Tennessee loans loan officer

Whether you are planning on buying your first home or planning on downsizing, we are happy to help you work out the details and select a roadmap to get you to your intended goal.

Tennessee home buyer education

We'll informed buyers and borrowers make better decisions. Ask us about the various educational resources we offer so that you are well informed as you make your own decisions about home financing.

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